Cigar Roller for Corporate Events

There’s nothing like a cigar roller to bring a dash of panache to your corporate event. Indeed, there is something hypnotic and quite relaxing about watching someone roll a premium cigar—and then being able to smoke it later! An excellent cigar roller can transform any event into an exotic, elegant experience.

For more than half a decade now, Cuban’s Rolling Cigars has provided this premium experience at over 1000 special events in the DFW area. Combining a flair for showmanship with exquisite customer service, we have brought our unique art form to a dazzling array of different events. Whether it’s a wedding, a sporting event or a private party, we know how to gather a crowd!

Of course, our quest for excellence always begins with the ingredients. Using only the finest imported tobaccos, our rollers know how to light up corporate events with the scent of success. From the wrapper to the glue and everything in between, we use only the best products to assemble your signature cigar. Engaging with your guests, we know how to spark up the fun at all types of corporate events.

There’s a reason why human beings have always used smoking to come together; there is something so relaxing and enjoyable about the ritual of cigar rolling that your guests will feel as if they have been transported to another time and place! Ideal for making all kinds of corporate events morph into a mini vacation, the tobacco experts at Cuban’s Rolling Cigars infuse every event with its own special magic.


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