Cigar Roller for Golf Tournaments

Want to turn any golf tournament into a more memorable event? Cuban’s Rolling Cigars can bring a little bit of Cuba to any golfing event by hand-rolling premium cigars for tournament participants and their guests. Our master cigar rollers have demonstrated the fine and exacting art of hand rolling cigar at more than 1,000 private and special events throughout the Dallas metroplex area.

When your golf tournament includes a station where our master cigar roller is using premium imported tobacco to create a hand rolled cigar, your guests will feel a sense of excitement and adventure. A large majority of golfers enjoy the pleasure of smoking a premium cigar and they are fascinated to be able to see the process of cigar hand rolling for themselves, up close and personal.

Our master roller is happy to answer any and all questions about the hand rolling process prior to handing over that freshly rolled cigar to your tournament guest for his smoking pleasure. When you can advertise that one of Cuban’s Rolling Cigars master rollers will be on the clubhouse grounds for any upcoming golf tournaments, you will notice that the participation level rises. Few special events can surpass the sense of adventure and excitement that having a cigar roller offers at golf tournaments. The hand rolling process has proven to be an exciting demonstration to watch both by smokers and non-smokers alike, who appreciate the dedication to craftsmanship that Cuban’s Rolling Cigars always delivers.

The cigars rolled at your golf tournaments can be personalized with special tobacco blends and customized cigar bands. We guarantee that your tournament participants will be talking about Cuban’s Rolling Cigars hand rolled cigar demonstrations long after the sun has set on the day of your event. Having a cigar roller from Cuban’s Rolling Cigars to showcase the unique way that gourmet cigars are created is just one way to tell tournament participants and guests that they deserve the finest amenities life has to offer.


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