Cigar Roller for Private Parties

Cuban’s Rolling Cigars has become famous for hand rolling cigars at events throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Cigar rolling is a true art form. The best cigars are made by artisans with decades of experience. Each piece they create is one-of-a-kind. Private parties are our specialty.

Even non-smoking guests are wowed by the skill involved in the cigar-rolling process. With Cuban’s Rolling Cigars, each of your guests will leave with a custom-made party favor. Having met and seen a cigar roller in action, they will be talking about your event for weeks to come.

Many of these pros honed their craft while working on tobacco farms. Seeing them build cigars from tobacco leaves is a unique experience that makes your private parties stand out. Cuban’s Rolling Cigars is popular with corporations, golf tournaments, bachelor parties and weddings. We only use the finest quality tobacco, imported from overseas.

Cuban’s Rolling Cigars employs friendly, professional cigar rollers. They not only roll and trim cigars, they also provide service with a smile. Each and every guest will leave feeling proud to have a unique item, and a new learning experience.

Cigars are a timeless way of marking important life events. Special events like engagements, weddings and births have traditionally been commemorated by handing out cigars. Hiring a cigar roller takes this tradition to the next level. Fine cigars have always represented prosperity and luxury. This is especially true of hand-rolled cigars.

With over five years of experience, Cuban’s Rolling Cigars has over 1,000 events under its belt. That represents hundreds of satisfied customers, many of whom re-book time and time again. Contact us to find out more about our cigar rollers today.


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